the story

We went looking for inspiration to fuel our passion of designing innovations in fashion and masterpieces in horology. From the Camden market of London to the fashion district of New York.

We did find it. In the Harajuku (原宿) district of Tokyo.

The Japanese millennial of Harajuku (原宿) are famous worldwide for outspoken style and rule-breaking fashion. Saturdays' on Takeshita (竹下通) street, among the boutique clothing stores and trendy cafes, are when Japanese millennial show-off their style, flair and above all - colour.

These Japanese millennial found a new way to express their individuality: wearing colourful miniature brix.

Brix are perfect to "kinstrukt" anything - even a new you.

Harajuku (原宿) style is all about self-expression, no matter what people say. Its about being different every time.

Being yourself means making yourself. Now you can "kinstrukt" a new you.